Painmaster - Micro Current Therapy

How Micro Current Therapy Works?

Micro Current Therapy WorksMicro-Current Therapy (MCT) is a process of supplying extremely low electrical current, similar to that found naturally in the body, to the affected pain area, where it can reach injured cells, potentially restoring and regenerating them to alleviate chronic pain.

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Painmaster - Micro Current Therapy

Painmaster - Micro Current Therapy


Are Micro-Current Therapy & TENS the same?

No they are quite different and are used differently . Micro Current Therapy (MCT) works at a level approximately 1000 times less than TENS, so it can’t be felt by the user. Importantly, Microcurrent Therapy works at the cellular level to promote cellular regeneration, reduce inflammation and therefore may assist in pain relief, rather than working as a pain blocker such as TENS or opiods. With Painmaster, users typically wear the product for long sessions such as all day or all night for ongoing pain management and not short term pain relief. MCT – Microcurrent Electrical Neuromuscular Stimulation