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RadEye G20-ER10, Gamma Survey Meter, from 17 keV, extended measuring range up to 100 mSv/h; 10 Rem/h, including hard shell transport case

RadEye GN+, Gamma Neutron Pager with Cs2LiYCl6 (CLYC) crystal for superior detection sensitivity, excellent gamma neutron discrimination and NBR (Natural Background Rejection).

The auto-ranging 451B measures radiation rate and accumulated dose from beta, gamma and x-ray radiation sources.

The auto-ranging 451P features a pressurized ion chamber, providing enhanced sensitivity (µR/μSv resolution) and improved energy response to measure radiation rate and dose from x-ray and gamma sources.

The same lightweight design as the Thermo Scientific* RadEye PRD but providing higher sensitivity and extended range; it is the ideal tool for both interdiction and response.
Special proprietary circuitry allows energy-compensated dose and dose rate measurement up to 100mSv/h (or 10 rem/h).

External dose rate probe, fits to telescope ref. 425405101.

Nuclear facilities need accurate, reliable, sustained early warning of radiation leaks. The Thermo Scientific™ FHT 6020 Area Monitor Display and Alarms offers maximum reliability for permanent operation within nuclear facilities or environmental networks with up to 16 measurement channels that can process and display data from Thermo Scientific intelligent dose rate probes, FH 40 G series probes as well as analog or digital input. All channels can be operated simultaneously, along with audible and visible alarms, to measure and assess the level of gamma and neutron radiation.

RadEye G-10, Pocket–sized wide range survey meter: energy compensated GM-tube according H*(10): 45 keV – 1.3 MeV; measuring range 0,05 µSv/h – 100 mSv/h; high sensitivity: 1.7 cps per µSv/h; 2 dose and dose rate alarm levels; red label

Gamma Survey Meter, from 17 keV, measuring range up to 2 mSv/h; 200 mRem/h, including hard shell transport case

Respond quickly and decisively to real radiation threats with the new standard in detection and interdiction of illicit radiation.

An easy tool for fast results

RaySafe ThinX has been optimized to meet the need for a basic multi-parameter instrument for simultaneous measurement of dose, dose rate, kVp, HVL, exposure time and pulses. All parameters are conveniently displayed on the large LCD.

FH 40 GL-10 Radiameter energy compensated for ambient dose equivalent H*(10) according to ICRP60/ICRU39, Energy range: 30 keV-4.4 MeV, Meas.range: up to 100 mSv/h. Export version with selectable calibration factor.