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The Gammex 156 provides the physical standard baseline for assuring the quality of the images produced by your mammographic system.

The 156 simulates the x-ray attenuation of a 4.2 cm slab of compressed human breast composed of 50% adipose tissue and 50% glandular tissue.

The Gammex 156D Stereotactic Mammographic Accreditation Phantom is used for monitoring digital mammography systems currently used for stereotactic biopsy and localization. 

The 156D is accredited by the ACR. 

Benchtop dual alpha spectrometer with two alpha spectroscopy channels. Each unit includes 100% fully computer controlled vacuum measurement, variable detector bias supply (switchable positive or negative), preamplifier, test pulse generator with variable amplitude, and a leakage current monitor. The Alpha Duo has dedicated independent MCAs to optimize processing time.