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The ESA609 Electrical Safety Analyzer is a rugged, portable and easy-to-use analyzer designed for general electrical safety testing. Engineered for on-the-go technicians, the ESA609 requires no training to use and has a rubberized case that allows it to sustain the rigor of transportation, and helps prevent damage when accidentally dropped.

Ansur software makes creation and streamlining of standard work possible for medical device inspections (whether for preventive maintenance - PM - or post-repair quality assurance) using a single human interface no matter how many different mainframe testers are used.

Spend more time on measurements and less time on settings. Just turn on the instrument and within a few seconds you are ready to measure. The RaySafe 452 does not require any corrections or manual settings, letting you focus on radiation protection rather than set-up.

The DALE40 Phototherapy Radiometer is designed for the accurate measurement of light radiation in the blue part of the spectrum from 400-480 nanometers.

The ProSim 2 features the perfect amount of features for testing in the field.

The IDA-1S One-Channel Infusion Device Analyzer is a portable, battery-operated instrument that allows for speedy verification of infusion device performance.

The IDA-1S measures the flow rate and volume delivered, and the pressure generated in occlusions or blockages of the fluid line.

It is easy to set up and to use, and it can be used to test a wide variety of infusion pumps.

Impulse 7000DP plus 7010 Defibrillator Selectable Load Accessory is the only tool available today with the capability to test defibrillators beyond 175 ohms.

The QA-ES III Electrosurgical Analyzer simplifies testing to ensure the performance and safety of electrosurgical units. With generator output current
accuracy as low as ± 2.5 %, the QA-ES III is capable of testing all modern high power electrosurgical units.

The Fluke Biomedical INCU II Incubator/Radiant Warmer Analyzer simplifies testing and ensures proper performance and safety of infant incubators, transport incubators and radiant warmers by complying to all global standards (IEC 60601-2-19, IEC 60601-2-20, IEC 60601-2-21).

The Gammex 156 provides the physical standard baseline for assuring the quality of the images produced by your mammographic system.

The 156 simulates the x-ray attenuation of a 4.2 cm slab of compressed human breast composed of 50% adipose tissue and 50% glandular tissue.